An award-winning Actress originating from Birmingham, AL. With her southern hospitality, Italian/French roots and growing up as a 90’s kid… Annemarie has been known for her quirky humor, adorable personality and classic style. Her mission is to inspire and motivate others to have the courage to express themselves.

Annemarie, who grew up in a small city, has lofty goals because she believes that anything is possible. She derives her inspiration from her family and from a printed phrase on a placard in her room which reads…

“She Believed She Could, so She did.”


Annemarie got her start acting as a Birmingham local. She dove into many productions in the area as well as a musical theatre camp, Red Mountain. With much courage and determination, she traveled eight hours a week for on camera training in Huntsville, AL, Taking that first step led her to many different cities on the east coast for acting and modeling. As the Georgia film industry began to grow, she moved to Atlanta. Over the course of two years there, she traveled six hours a week to study at various acting studios and worked with the likes of Chloe Grace Moretz, who played a lead role in the Sony Pictures feature film, “The 5th Wave”.

Summer 2017, Annemarie took an opportunity that led her to Los Angeles. She auditioned for the chance to study at many known acting studios and Schools. After being accepted by The Groundlings School, Lesley kahn and Ivana Chubbuck studio, she continues to train allowing her to move up in her courses of studies. Annemarie is always eager to grow, take risks, and create her own opportunities as a multifaceted artist.


Annemarie has received multiple awards at talent competitions along the way. She recently won these accolades in myriad categories: best beauty commercial, commercial print, headshot and runway. Her performance as a singer was noticed by a known music producer from Tennessee and she being working in Nashville to record and train vocals. In past competitions, Bruno performed well. In the Brock Epic Showcase of Talent, she proceeded to obtain awards for Overall Female Winner of 2014 and Overall Best TV Commercial. 

When not auditioning, Annemarie is creating, producing original content and comedy sketches. She has also been training vocally (classically) for four years, beginning with Italian opera and expanding into mixed music genres. She makes custom designs including glass jewelry and her recent collection, “Hidden Gems”, supports kids who are fighting against epilepsy.

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Talk of Alabama

Talk of Alabama, Featuring Annemarie Bruno, Actress, Singer and Model, Birmingham AL. .


5 Nominations 2018 upstart Awards;

  • Female Artist of the year

  • Actress of the year

  • best picture

  • best actress in a comedic role

  • best music video


Pre Oscars soirée LA


Featured on the Cover of Greystone Magazine April ‘17 issue


Pre-Cannes soirée LA

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Fashion Showcase. Model forr

Taj B Couture…

“An awesome model, who I’d love to work with again in a heartbeat”. - Taj B.

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Hollywood

Holly Shorts Festival


Emmys 70th anniversary


Sundance film festival


Fashion For a Cause Project Runway fashion show

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