Hidden Gems

Inspiration: For Her

This collection is inspired by the women in my life, especially my younger sister. Her strength inspires me everyday as she faces epilepsy in her daily life. This is for her and for the women who we inspire to be; Grandmothers, Sisters, Mothers, God Mothers, Aunts. Let us give back by sending our love to those we love and to those “hidden gems” wherever they may be hiding. Hold onto one of these unique pieces for whoever is the Gem in your life. For every Gem is a gift that we can give back to. #butterflyeffect


Discover the adventure of giving back.

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These are all handcrafted and recycled glass pieces. Each one is uniquely made for you to share your love and support to those in need. When you purchase one of these Gems, 15% will go to those fighting against epilepsy. #butterflyeffect


one of a kind

Individual and uniquely made to love.

Releasing soon!

New page will be added to the site soon. This addition to the site will allow you access to the full jewelry Collection “Hidden Gems” where you will be able to purchases towards your very own unique gem. Stay tuned for the launch, keep a lookout for the “Give Back” tab at top of the page or subscribe for updates. ;)


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